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My life seems to be falling apart at the seems. Nobody is here for me right now. I’m screaming and still no response why can’t things just be go along with no damage done. Can anything just be normal for once? Breaking seam by seam I’m fading into nothing with my hands open letting it take me in. People just don’t care bout me anymore and I’m starting to do the same. Me is just so under rated.

Im not perfect i didnt know i had to be..


Everybody tells me to just stop liking you, that you’re not worth my time.  I’ve tried to get over you for so long, telling myself that you don’t want me.  You don’t make any effort to talk to me and you don’t even look at me in the halls.

I just can’t stop liking you though.  You mean to much to me…. even if I mean nothing to you.

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